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Access to foreign domains is an important factor for entrepreneurs whose operations span not only local markets, but also the global online space, and the use of a virtual office makes it much easier to get the desired domain. In the digital age, where an online presence plays a key role in business success, the ability to have a domain associated with a specific country can be important for business growth, which is one of the main reasons why so many entrepreneurs nowadays choose to register their company at a virtual office address.

Having a foreign domain can increase trust with local customers. Customers often prefer to use websites that appear to be local, and having a domain with the suffix of the country in which you do business can inspire greater trust and loyalty. A foreign domain can also significantly increase search engine visibility, but it's also a way to build brand image in a particular market. A country-terminated domain can suggest that a company has a local presence and is committed to a specific market, which can attract customer attention and lend credibility to the brand in the eyes of the local community. By using a virtual office, a company can access the domain of the country in which it wants to expand its business without having an actual, physical office in that location.

Although most countries in the European Union typically have free access to many Internet domains, there are some exceptions where this access may be limited or hindered, requiring special attention on the part of entrepreneurs looking to expand into these markets. One such example is Norway, a country outside the European Union, where registering Norwegian Internet domains with the ".no" suffix can prove quite difficult for entrepreneurs outside the country. Such restrictions can have significant consequences for businesses looking to expand their presence into the Norwegian market.

In such situations, the use of a virtual office becomes a solution with great potential. A virtual office allows entrepreneurs to register a business address in a country, even if they do not have a physical presence there. Thanks to this, entrepreneurs can legally use foreign Internet domains, which opens up new opportunities for growth in the market and allows them to build a strong presence in the chosen country.

Virtual office - what is it?

Advances in technology have opened up more growth prospects for every business. In recent years, we can see that companies are increasingly opting for hybrid and remote work. A virtual office is one of the most advantageous digital workplaces. It offers a convenient choice of location and many additional benefits. Today Virtual Offices are springing up all over the world, whether for start-ups, freelancers or multinational companies. Many virtual offices are located in the heart of major cities, which adds prestige to the company.

Law requires a new company to have an office in order to register it. A virtual office is a good option instead of renting a room or working from home.

There are many benefits of moving a company to the digital world, such as working remotely, saving time and reducing maintenance costs, renting an office. More and more Virtual Offices are being created every year, but many people still have misconceptions about them.

A Virtual Office is a business address where you can register your company if you don't have rented premises in Denmark.

By opting for a Virtual Office, you can save a lot of money, as you will not have to rent an expensive office if you do not use it on a daily basis. In addition, you don't have to waste time receiving correspondence.

Correspondence can be sent to your business address and then forwarded to a designated address, or scanned and emailed. You choose the form that suits you best.

Why should you be interested in a virtual office in Denmark?

Denmark is considered a paradise for entrepreneurs- not least because the government actively supports business development through various support programs and tax breaks for new companies. This gives entrepreneurs confidence that their efforts will be recognized and supported by state institutions, which in turn fosters innovation and dynamism in the market.

Denmark abounds in skilled professionals, and the infrastructure there is modern, making it easier to conduct business and increase operational efficiency. The country is also characterized by a stable economy and low levels of corruption, which builds trust among trading partners.

In addition, Denmark is often recognized as a leader in the areas of sustainability and innovation, which attracts companies interested in operating in these sectors. In addition, Denmark's favorable geographic location as a center of trade and communications in the Nordic region and Northern Europe opens the door to an extensive regional and global market for potential businesses.

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The most common questions

Is it possible to set up a business at a Virtual Office address?
Yes, you just need to fill out the appropriate application. We will process it as quickly as possible, ask you to provide additional documents, pay the invoice and you are ready to register your company in Denmark.

What are the advantages of having a Virtual Office?
- Higher quality of work for the entire office
- No need to rent an office
- Facilitated contact with clients
- Facilitated management of your team
- Low office maintenance costs
- Remote or hybrid working is possible
- Saves time
- Reduced carbon footprint for the company
- Own your own email
- Manage your office on your own terms
- Personal mailing address

Is it possible to create a Virtual Office before starting a business?
Yes, it is possible, but the procedure requires additional formalities and documents. Before the registration takes place, you will need to obtain a virtual registration address, and only then, once the company is registered, can you set up a Virtual Office. During registration, you will need to confirm the right to use the premises.

How can opening a Virtual Office affect the company?
The transition of your office to a digital environment can improve and streamline your business. A virtual office opens up new prospects for your business. The new workspace makes it easier to contact clients, both by phone and email. This is a unique opportunity to grow your business and increase your level of professionalism.

Another important thing is that the Virtual Office becomes a new and very good work space. This often results in better motivation at work and better organization. Adequate working conditions are very important, both for young companies and for large, experienced enterprises.

What authority is a Virtual Office subject to?
The authority to which a Virtual Office is subject depends on the address used for registration. Each address is administratively subject to the relevant offices, including Social Security, the tax office and the district court. To find out which authorities a Virtual Office falls under, you should check our office address and which authorities it falls under.

What are the costs of a Virtual office?
The costs associated with a Virtual Office are significantly less than the costs of renting and maintaining a traditional office. It reduces the cost of maintaining or renting premises, does not require the purchase of office equipment and reduces the carbon footprint. For any business, this means a benefit, both financially and environmentally. In addition to standard Virtual Office services, additional services are also possible. These involve incurring additional costs. These can include the cost of renting meeting rooms or additional services, such as corporate bookkeeping or mail distribution.

Is it legal to use a Virtual Office?
Yes, having a virtual address for your business in Denmark is perfectly legal. The location of our office complies with the Danish Money Laundering Act. For registering a company in Denmark, a post office box alone is not enough. Personal receipt of mail is not possible.

Is it possible to receive scans of my correspondence?
Yes, you will receive scans of your correspondence as soon as it arrives at your Virtual Office address.

Is the Virtual Office secure?
Cyber security is extremely important when running a Virtual Office. It should be a priority for every company- taking care of your own security. In order to be able to work efficiently and comfortably, the level of cyber security in Virtual Offices is increasing every year. Therefore, anyone who decides to run their business through a Virtual Office can do so in comfort and without unnecessary worries.

Does the Virtual Office have its own e-mail address?
Yes, the vast majority of offices have this feature. Having your own e-mail address is one of the main advantages of a Virtual Office. It makes the company more professional. Having your own e-mail address definitely makes running your business more efficient. All your documents are in one place, and you can access them anytime and anywhere. Another advantage is that it is much easier to manage your office work through your own e-mail address.

An additional advantage of having a business e-mail address is that you can separate personal and business matters. By maintaining a balance between personal and business matters, it will be possible to increase productivity and efficiency at work. This is extremely beneficial for any business.

Just as useful as your own email address is for a Virtual Office to have a telephone number.

Is a Virtual Office guaranteed to have its own mailing address?
Yes, each Virtual Office has its own postal address. This ensures that your mail and business letters are always in the same place, and it is always very easy to pick up your mail. This separates business correspondence from private correspondence, thereby improving business management. It is possible to notify parcels by e-mail, store and scan mail. For an additional fee, correspondence can be forwarded to a specified address.

Does Virtual Office create the possibility of hybrid or remote working?
Virtual offices create the possibility of hybrid or exclusively remote working. This is undoubtedly beneficial for most companies. Hybrid or remote working lowers the cost of running an office and reduces the company's carbon footprint. Besides, moving a business into the new digital world makes it easier to manage and take care of records.

Will I be able to use the Virtual Office address on my website or for marketing purposes?
You can. A Virtual Office functions the same as if you had a regular office in physical form, but it is definitely cheaper.

Is a Virtual Office in Denmark different from a Virtual Office in Poland?
Virtual offices in these countries are extremely similar. Many Virtual Offices in Denmark operate under the same rules as in Poland. What differs, for example, is the language and currency and the way the office is managed. The latter depends mainly on the company running the office.

Can a company from Poland use a Virtual Office?
We currently offer our services only to companies with a Danish CVR number.

What happens if payment is not received?
If we do not receive payment for the service, we will stop processing your mail and letters will not be received. If 10 days pass from the payment deadline, the contract is terminated and you can no longer use your Virtual Office address. The sent correspondence is returned to the sender and the company is reported to the Danish Register of Entrepreneurs and Debtors.

Can my company's documents be sent to Poland?
Yes, we send the entire month's documentation to Poland on the last day of the month. You will receive regular scans of your correspondence.

You are only bound by the period you have chosen and paid for. If you intend to terminate the contract, please inform us one week before the next billing date.

Which documents are sent in physical form?
We send correspondence in the form of letters or small packages. We do not accept palletized mail, only parcels that fit in a regular letterbox. Please note that Post Nord does not deliver high-value documents to virtual offices, such as tablets and smartphones. Up to 30 letters per month are sent free of charge (DKK 5/letter thereafter).

Sending correspondence
Mail can be sent to any address. It is the recipient's responsibility to make sure that the correct information is in the destination mailbox. Up to 30 letters per month are sent free of charge (DKK 5/letter thereafter). Personal receipt of mail is not possible.

Postal address
You choose the address to which we are to send your mail, and you can change it if you move. Physical mail is delivered at the end of each month, and scanned mail is sent to your email address as soon as it is received. Up to 30 letters per month are sent free of charge (DKK 5 per letter thereafter). Personal receipt of mail is not possible.

When will I receive a scan of my mail?
We scan your mail every day on a regular basis. If there is correspondence, you will be notified on the day it arrived at the Virtual Office address.

Is it possible to rent a conference room?
Yes, there is such a possibility. The condition for renting a conference room is to agree in advance with the owner of the room the date and time for which the room will be rented. In addition to the conference room, it is possible to rent additional services, such as serving guests or providing office equipment. An additional fee may be charged for renting the conference room.
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